Integrated Management System

Company Policy
• Execution of projects with high quality, based on global standards
• Establishing of knowledge management through the creation of structures
• Efforts to promote and satisfy the stakeholders
• Developing and respecting human resources
• Company requirement to increase safety by identifying possible risks
• Efforts to preserve the environment

Company Vision
In addition to developing its activities in the upstream and downstream industry in the field of oil, gas and petrochemicals, Pishgam Palayesh plans to expand its activities in other domestic and international industries such as chemical, food, biotechnology, … by increasing scientific knowledge and taking technical steps in order to achieve the best and latest technologies in the world.

Company Safety Policy
Pishgam Palayesh Force has established safety, health and environmental programs at the beginning of its foundation and has considered safety management as an essential approach in all its businesses.
Furthermore, Pishgam Palayesh was committed to preserving the environment